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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Check out my about section then read the latest posts below! Like what you read? Join my newsletter above!

  • How to Write Consistently
        Hi everyone! I am so excited! Today I get to post about consistency in writing for you writers! I have struggled and do struggle with this a lot, so I have some experience. 😂      So, let’s jump in and get started.      First off,      Why is it so Important to Write Consistently? … Continue reading How to Write Consistently
  • True Heart (Short Story)
        Hello! Today I have another short story for you! I actually wrote this one for a school project, but I thought it turned out pretty good! So I posted it here for you. Hope you enjoy it! *** Long ago, in The Kingdom of Raliana, there lived a king named Theodore. One bright summer… Continue reading True Heart (Short Story)
  • Do Hard Things (Book Review)
        Hi! So excited for this post! I recently finished the book Do Hard Things. It is definitely one of my new favorites.      I usually don’t read non-fiction, but I decided to try it out.      I heard about this book on YWW (The Young Writers’ Workshop), because Brett Harris is one of the… Continue reading Do Hard Things (Book Review)
  • Character Art
        Welcome to another Friday post! I was super excited to post this one, because it has been forever since I last did one like this. So may I present my character drawings/sketches I did for my novel! I use these to plan future ideas/characters I can’t put on paper, to visualize scenes or creatures… Continue reading Character Art
  • Making Fantasy Maps
        Hello! Welcome to my world of fantasy! Today I get to share one of my favorite things to make for my fantasy world. Maps!      I will share my process of making them as well as some tips I have learned to make them look amazing enough to put up on your bedroom wall.… Continue reading Making Fantasy Maps

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