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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Check out my about section then read the latest posts below! Like what you read? Join my newsletter above!

  • Being Thankful This Thanksgiving
    Happy-day-after-Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good holiday with your family eating turkey and watching football, but I hope you spent a bit of time being thankful. After all that is what Thanksgiving is about, isn’t it? That is what my post is about today! Why Should We be Thankful? This question is pretty easy… Continue reading Being Thankful This Thanksgiving
  • Artistic Art
    Happy week before Thanksgiving, everyone! Today I give you a post I have wanted to do for a long time, an art dump! I am an artist among my many other hobbies, specializing in sketching and colored pencils. I also like to create three dimensional sculptures out of wool by needle felting, molding things out… Continue reading Artistic Art
  • The Ocean (A Poem by A.J.)
    Hello everyone! I am here this week with a poem I wrote about the ocean on vacation (the reason I was so late posting this after I got home). (I also got my new amazing profile picture there too!) Hope you enjoy the Poem! Waves crash upon the sand. I feel the water upon my… Continue reading The Ocean (A Poem by A.J.)
  • 5 Ways to Find Ideas
    Ideas are pesky things. They come and go, quickly. There are some points in your life when you get a lot of ideas at once, then there are some days where you have no ideas at all. Going into this week, I was worried I would have nothing to post today because of the lack… Continue reading 5 Ways to Find Ideas
  • Inktober
        Inktober. What is it, you ask? Well, from what I have heard, it is an art thing where you draw something based off of the prompt from the list above.  But for writers, we write something based off the prompts, because, why not?     I have completed most of the prompts and I decided… Continue reading Inktober

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